Trail Ride Info


The Basecamp for the Danseys Pass Trail Ride is located on Bushy Creek Road, 9km from Duntroon, via the Livingstone – Duntroon Road. Signs clearly mark the basecamp from both Duntroon and Tokarahi from 6.30am on the 14th of March.


Online registration

  • Adults $65 including lunch
  • Adults $55 No lunch
  • Junior $20 including lunch
  • Junior $10 No lunch

Start Time:

  • Registration: 8am
  • (Early registration will also be available on 13 March from 5pm – 7pm at Duntroon School)

  • Spark Arrestor Checking: 8.30am
  • First tracks open: 9am

Tracks close at approximately 3pm depending on the conditions on the day.

Track descriptions:

The track crews have been working incredibly hard to build the longest (and best) one day trail ride in Australasia. The tracks wind through 165km of private high country farms, braided rivers, forestry, native gorge and rolling farmland in the stunning Waitaki Valley. You will not be dissapointed! Please note: Longer loops mean you must to refuel after each loop. No Side by Sides allowed.

Family Loop – 20km;

Family friendly loop through rolling downland country, Great circuit for kids and their parents to enjoy a ride together. Safe contour, excellent views and ATV suitable.
Enjoy 20km of rider friendly fun that everyone can enjoy.

Intermediate Loop – 35km;

Easy to medium riding mostly over farm tracks. Some small hill climbs with the track rising to over 1000m on the Ben Lomond Range. Views to the east to the Pacific Ocean. Views to the west of the Hakataramea Valley. Bring your camera and enjoy the day. Warm clothing is recommended at this time of year on this track.
Please note: ATV riders can ONLY join the Intermediate Loop by starting on the Family Loop then exiting half way around onto the Family Loop. The total length for ATV’s is 45km.

Take the intensity up a notch or two with one or both of these advanced loops:

Advanced Moderate – 45km No ATVs

From riverbed, to forestry, single track and tussock. This track includes some gnarly hill climbs, and the widest variety of mixed terrain you’ll ever find on one trail. Returns back to Base Camp via the Intermediate Loop.

Advanced Hard – 40km No ATVs

Riverbed, minimal forestry, very challenging hill climbs flowing into tussock country. Returning back to Base Camp via the Intermediate Loop. Capable of wrecking the best of them!! Make sure your tank is full and the body is ready.

But wait there’s more, just when you thought your day couldn’t get any better:

Extreme Loop – 25km No ATVs

Set in mixed terrain of native gorge and open hill country. Entry to the Extreme Loop is off the Intermediate Loop. For serious riders only, with quality tyres and good brakes. The most challenging and difficult terrain on the Danseys Pass Trail Ride. Set to test the best, who dares wins.
If all else fails the helicopter can bring your bike out (for $230) while you cry in the carpark!!

Please note;
Cell phone reception at the base paddock is poor, reception is available intermittently throughout the trail network. No Side by Sides on any tracks.

Special thanks to the ongoing support of our Land Owners & Sponsors who help make this event possible.

Central South Island Helicopters will be on site throughout the day
Bike Recovery $350/bike approx
Scenic Flights – $60/seat approx
All transactions with CSI Helicopters are separate from Duntroon School.
Cash payments

Set to test the best. Who dares wins!

Trail riding is a fun sport filled with freedom, but it is a high risk sport

The following are our events Non-negotiable “Ride Rules”

‘Ride Rules’

  1. RIDE TO YOUR ABILITY and vision on the trail. You must always be able to stop within half the distance you see in front of you. Know which trail you are riding on.
  2. STAY ON THE MARKED TRACK. Unless your safety is at risk. Never attempt to rejoin the track from the road. If you are lost, stop your bike, take your helmet off, listen for other riders and return to the track slowly. Most accidents occur from riders being off the track.
  3. IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT – Stop other bikes for help, make the accident scene secure. Get someone to care for the patient and get someone else to continue stopping/warning bikes of the accident. If you have mobile reception and you know your location, phone the base paddock number below. If you are unsure ride on to the next road crossing. Take note of distance/time it takes to get from accident site to crossing. NEVER ride back through the riders.
  4. HIGH FIRE RISK ALERT. Compulsory spark arrestor fitted to bike. Strictly no smoking, do not lie hot bikes down on the grass, put out all fires. If you see a fire ring number below, alert a marshal, get message to road crossing or 4WD crew so base can be alerted (positions labelled on map).
  5. OBEY ALL SIGNS. The track is marked clearly with signage, electrical tape (bunting) and pink paint.
  6. UNDER 16’s RIDE WITH AN ADULT. Adults at all times need to keep junior riders riding in front to keep them in view. This will keep you and other riders safe on the trail.
  7. 10 KMPH SPEED LIMIT IN CAR PARK. If you speed in the car park, we will ask you to go home.
  8. TREAT ALL ROADS AS OPEN. Road rules apply, give way to all road traffic at road crossings.
  9. WEAR CORRECT SAFETY GEAR when riding including helmet, boots that cover the ankle, (no gumboots), long sleeved top and strong long trousers (Gloves, goggles, knee pads, kidney belt and body armor are strongly recommended).
  10. NOTE TRACK OPENING AND CLOSING TIMES. Riders are not permitted to be on the trails outside of these times. Lead marshals in pink will lead the first loop of the day – do not attempt to pass.
  11. ALL RIDERS MUST READ AND UNDERSTAND EVENT RULES AND BRIEFING, then sign the event indemnity of liability statement before riding.

Please note: Cell phone reception at base paddock is very poor. Reception is available intermittently throughout the trail network.