Where can we stay?

There are a number of accommodation options nearby:

Duntroon  (5 mins drive north)

  • Kowhai Cottage
  • Duntroon Domain and Camping Ground
  • Goldfields Cottage
  • Constables Cottage
  • Grandview Farmstay
  • Danseys Pass Holiday Park

Kurow (20 mins drive west)

  • Glenmac Farmstay
  • Kurow Holiday Park
  • Kurow Motels
  • Waitaiki Braids
  • Riverside B & B
  • Western House
  • Kurow Hotel
  • Waitaki Hotel
  • Sublime Lodge
  • Valley Views Glamping

Otematata (35 mins drive west)

  • Otematata Holiday Park & Lodge
  • Otematata Eatery, Bar  & Lodging
  • Otematata Country Inn


There are over 30 different accommodation options available in the town of Oamaru which is 30 minutes away from the trail ride base paddock, please refer to NZ online booking sites.

Do you have eftpos?

No, there are no eftpos facilities on site. Any payments must be made in CASH.

Will there be food available on site?

Yes. Hot food will be available from 8.00am onwards. BBQ will be available throughout the day.

Are spark arrestors compulsory?

Yes. As we have a high fire risk, it is compulsory to have a spark arrestor fitted to your bike. No spark arrestor, no ride.

Is there a Pee Wee track?

No, we do not have a Pee Wee Track. The Junior and Family loop tracks have been designed for young riders with 50cc upwards.

What age is a junior/adult?

Juniors are 15 years and under. Proof of age may be required at sign in.

Adults are 16 years and over.

Are 4 Wheelers/ATV’s or Side by Side’s permitted?

4 Wheelers/ATV’s are welcome on the Family and Junior Loops. ATV’s are not permitted on the Advanced and Extreme Loops.

NO SIDE BY SIDE’s are permitted on any loops.

What if I run out of fuel or my bike breaks down?

All riders should bring extra fuel. Bikes are expected to be in good working order before commencing the Danseys Pass Trail Ride.

Helicopter recover may be available at a cost of $350 approx. CASH only.

What time is registration/sign in/spark arrestor checks/tracks open/tracks close?

Registration/Sign in opens at 8am.

Spark Arrestor Checking opens at 8.30am.

First Tracks open at 9am.

Tracks close at approximately 3pm.

What do I need to bring on the day?

  • Spark Arrestor (compulsory)- these will be available for sale. No Spark Arrestor, NO RIDE.
  • Extra fuel
  • Approved Safety Helmet
  • Appropriate Boots – Gumboots or gym shoes are not acceptable footwear.
  • Gloves
  • Water Bottle
  • Clothing appropriate for all weather conditions
  • Fire Extinguisher optional

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are issued on a case by case basis. If you wish to have your payment refunded please email: danseyspasstrailride@gmail.com

What if the event is postponed or cancelled?

In the event of a postponement or cancellation, we will make all reasonable efforts to contact registered or potential riders. In the event of postponement or cancellation of the ride refunds will not be automatically issued. Refunds must be requested via our email address: danseyspasstrailride@gmail.com

How do I pay to register?

You can either register on the day, in which case you must pay with cash. OR you can Pre-register on our website and pay via credit or debit card. Payments are processed through a third party software, Stripe NZ. For security reasons, credit card information is not stored on our website.