Our Community

Duntroon School is the truly the little school with the BIG community!

With a role of approximately 90 children, a village population of 115 and a greater population of 600, our little farming community in rural North Otago is the epitome of the volunteer spirit and can do attitude!

Over 200 volunteers work tirelessly over hundreds of hours every single year, to develop one of the most highly regarded and successful Trail Rides in New Zealand.

Work starts months in advance of the ride with; Land Owner Meetings, Health and Safety Planning, Catering, Sponsorship, Rescue Helicopters, St Johns, Marshals, Road Crossings and Track Development.

With almost all of the volunteers being farmers, and local small business owners themselves the workload is tremendous, but regardless is achieved around their own busy schedules. Volunteers willingly use their own tools, chainsaws, motorbikes, atvs, side by sides, fuel, blood sweat and tears to clear scrub, dig tracks, cut down trees, erect marquees, build fences and bridges to prepare for the event. More than 20 local farmers, and land owners very generously donate the land to be used every year.

The funds raised have been used to:

  • Modernise classrooms
  • Install Interactive Whiteboards
  • Purchase new computers and technology for the classrooms
  • Buy additional Reading/Teaching Resources
  • Put in a pool heating system and pay for 3 weeks of Swimming lessons a year (especially important given the large proximity of waterways nearby and the high drowning rate in New Zealand)
  • Astroturf the tennis Court
  • Replace/upgrade sports equipment
  • Pay for Ski Trips, Ice Skating Trips and School Camps
  • Provide extra help for students in the classroom.

Over the years, the Danseys Pass Trail Ride has provided full funding for a fourth teacher at the school, reducing class sizes and creating an even better learning environment for the students.

As such a well-resourced school, we have been able to attract an incredible quality of teachers and provide the best opportunities and education for our children. This would never have been possible without the hard work and dedication that goes into this fantastic event.